Cantores Cleveland

CUBE contemporary chamber ensembleDid you ever wonder what it was like to encounter music in England in the time of Elizabeth I? Or what and whom you would see if you were in Rome when Palestrina was writing his music? What literature people might have read or heard in the time of Savonarolaís purge of the vanities in Florence? Clevelandís recently-established Early-Music Ensemble, Cantores Cleveland, integrates the arts into programs focused on a period, place, or event in a unique blend of entertainment and education. Music Director Barbara Margolisís concept of an interdisciplinary approach to performing music before 1750 engages not just widely varied repertoire but also aspects of musicology, art history, literature, drama, and architecture. The languages of these early-music concerts range from Latin to Ladino, German, Hebrew, French, and English in works by a diverse representation of composers. Cantores Cleveland, a 501(c)(3) organization, sings a bigger song than the notes on a pageóthey interpret a time and place through music.

— Judith Eckelmeyer