Tim Risher

(b. 1957)

(Biography submitted by Tim Risher, taken from Wikipedia.org.)

Tim Risher is an American composer, trombonist, and pianist.  Risher received his B.A. in music from the University of Central Florida and his M.M. in music composition from Florida State University.  While living in Tallahassee, Florida, Risher was a member of the new music ensembles Paragaté and Tallahassee Camerata.

Risher's output is typically tonal, with primary influences being minimal music, American and Brazilian popular musics, Early Music, and American shape note hymnody.  Most works feature the use of conventional harmony, with great clarity of individual melodic lines.  Risher's works go beyond much popular music, however, in their frequent use of complex canonic and polyphonic structures and additive rhythms.

Risher composes prolifically for ensembles ranging from concert band to Chinese traditional instrumental ensemble.  He has also composed works for electronic media and incidental music for theatrical works.  His most significant output, however, comprises works for brass instruments (a preference likely shaped by his experience as a trombonist) and for early instrument ensembles (Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque).
In recent years he has become interested in remixes, that is, taking rhythms, guitars, and sounds from popular music and remixing them into different forms.  The product of this process could be described as "looping:” small musical fragments which loop around and around, and, through manipulation of the waveform, mutate into other sounds or pitches.
Risher's works for early instruments have been commissioned by a number of major ensembles, including Palladian Ensemble, Baroque Northwest, Tintagel, and Trio Dolce.  Although his works for early instruments are clearly composed from a twentieth or twenty-first-century point of reference, Risher's writing for such instruments is surprisingly idiomatic, showing his great familiarity with early instruments and genres. Among Risher's favorite forms for such works are the ground bass and chaconne.
His music has been released on the Index, PhonoStatic, and Discus record labels, and his scores are published by Wehr's Music House.

Risher lived in Hamburg, Germany between the years of 1995 and 2005.  He now lives in North Carolina.


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